Friday, June 2, 2017

The Left’s Seductive Lies: How Progressives Mean to Win

Written by Nicholas Wishek

Decades ago before the dawn of political correctness a philosophy professor of mine asked our class to consider which would be worse. Being raped against your will or being seduced by someone who deceived you, used you, and then left you?  (And, yes. A male professor asking that question today would be in big trouble.) Anyway, his point was that someone who is seduced by lies has only themselves to blame for being deceived.

I didn’t agree back then. I thought the deceiver/seducer was also to blame, but if you believe you are responsible for your own fate, then the professor had, and still has, a point. What we see today is that many Americans have been and are being seduced by progressive lies and promises.

This is especially obvious with the millennial generation. We might disparage them as “snowflakes,” but they believe in the progressive promises, hook, line, and sinker. They have let themselves be caught. While I would like to blame progressive leaders for pedaling their falsehoods my old professor had a point. Those snowflakes and other liberal useful idiots have only themselves to blame, because any rational, logical person would realize the obvious. But way too many leftists refuse to listen to the truth. Just try talking to one......... In 2014 the Heritage Foundation released a report called, The War on Poverty After 50 Years In that report they pointed out that since President Lyndon Johnson declared “war on poverty in America” in January 1964 the United States has spent $22 trillion dollars on anti-poverty programs yet has little to show for it.

Two of the key takeaways of that report were.......To Read More....

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