Thursday, June 1, 2017

The honest Comey?

By Jack Hellner

In July 2016, then-FBI director James Comey wrote a report exonerating Hillary a few days after Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton. The FBI had a pretend interview with Hillary, but Comey wrote the report before the interview.

He must have had a premonition. Comey actually said Hillary was guilty, but somehow he wasn't intelligent enough to figure out if she had the intent to break the law. For a person who had no intent, Hillary and her aides were able to break the law continuously for four years. In July 2016, Comey also decided it was a good time to investigate on Trump and those surrounding him to see if they were colluding with Putin and the Russians.

You see, Comey was unable to determine if Hillary had the intent to break the law, but he was able to tell that Putin intended to elect Trump. That is amazing. In February 2017, Comey talked to Trump, and he says now that Trump tried to get him to stop the investigation. Of Flynn and Russia.

Somehow, the investigation continues to this day, so Trump obviously wasn't able to stop it. Isn't it odd that Comey and McCabe said under oath in May 2017 that Trump and those around him did nothing to impede the investigation, but now, after he was fired, Comey says Trump tried to stop the investigation?............ Read more

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