Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Terrifying Scope Of British Jihadists Revealed, Authorities Admit Helplessness

By Andrew West June 5, 2017

The ideology behind radical Islamic terror is spreading into even the darkest and most secluded corners of modern society, and in Great Britain, authorities have admitted to being in way over their heads. A rapid succession of terrifying Jihadi attacks have taken place on English soil over the course of the last two weeks, including a suicide bombing targeting young women and a van and knife attack that focused on innocent civilians near the famed landmark, the London Bridge.  In both attacks, radical Islamic terror networks have claimed responsibility for the carnage, praising the attackers online and calling for a further intensification of their holy war against non-Muslims.

As Britons step back and reexamine what their options will be in continuing to deal with this immense threat, grim new facts about the scope of radical Islam’s invasion of Europe have become apparent, and they do not bode well for those looking toward an end to the violence......To Read More....

My Take - The problem isn't "radical Islam"!  The problem is "Islam" ...period.  Islam isn't a religion of peace.  It isn't a religion at all.  Islam is a political criminal concept masquerading as a religion, no less than the Mafia with their code of omerta and  their swearing in with the use of saints.   And if the western world's leaders don't gin up the courage to stand up on their hind legs and say so there's going to be civil violence as we've never seen it before.  These people must be kept poor, isolated, over there, and unarmed as much as possible.  Muslim immigration must end, and those already here must convert to something else - anything else - or be deported. 


Not if Islam is declared as a militant terrorist movement and not a religion.  And the Constitution isn't a suicide pact.   

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