Sunday, June 4, 2017

Islamization: Brooklyn Tech Refuses to Serve Food at Prom Until 9pm….When Ramadan Ends

Written by Keely Sharp

A Brooklyn public school is accommodating the Ramadan Fast….which is interesting since public schools are not supposed to accommodate any religion. Somewhere in the whole “separation of state and religion” that the ACLU fought so hard for, this would be prohibited. Right? At least if it was for Christianity, it would be.

Yet, if anyone were to oppose it, they would be called a racist-islamofauxbic-anti-muslim-bigot…. If the school was so worried about conflicting with the Islamic holiday, why wouldn’t they just move the prom? I am not saying that is any better, but to refuse to serve food to a majority of the students for fear of offending the Muslims in attendance, well….

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