Thursday, June 8, 2017

Founder of Weather Channel Schools Stuttering CNN Anchor on Global Warming

Written by Keely Sharp

I thought Ben Shapiro and Tucker Carlson were the masters of shutting down liberals and their irrational thinking…but I see now that I just hadn’t heard founder of the Weather Channel John Coleman speak.

I watched the clip below of Coleman spoke to a CNN anchor and it made my day so much that I had to watch it twice! The man brings out some GREAT points about the hoax of global warming.

According to Coleman, who is a scientist himself, the scientists who are coming out and agreeing with climate change are basically paid (or should I say bribed) to say they agree with global warming. This in return gives the Democrats fuel for their fire, and they continue to profit off the ignorance of the people......To Read More....

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Michael Ray said...

The Weather Channel founder is 100% correct. The majority of scientists say climate change is real because the Dems give them the money, what else would they say.