Sunday, June 4, 2017

Feel the Bern: Lifestyles of Rich and Chavista: Venezuela's plutocrats finally draw scrutiny

By Monica Showalter

Venezuela's wealthy elites aligned with the regime are at long last drawing scrutiny as the country's socialist system, with all its shortages, poverty, roaring corruption, infrastructural collapse and violence spiral into a living hell. Reuters has a report here......... Who the heck is extending visas to these people? Or allowing them to buy Miami condos with their ill-gotten gains? Which politicians again are taking Chavista money? These are the inevitable implications that must be addressed at the policy level given the scope of this grotesque corruption. It would be enough if the public knew that these are the wages of socialism that promise voters so much paradise - and deliver it, solely for the elites.......Read more:

My Take - When Bernie's buddies finally abandon Venezuela they will leave with billions of dollars and millions of starving people.  Will Bernie condemn them for their monstrous actions?  Will the Hollywood Left be outraged?  Will the snowflakes and loons on America's college campuses riot and protest against them?  Will the World Court go after them for crimes against humanity? 

Nah.....they're leftists and we all know the rules don't apply to them.  Especially when it involves crimes against humanity.  After all - that's their stock in trade.

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