Monday, September 26, 2016

Who will Win the White House – the Answer could Change America Forever


Both Hillary and Donald insist they are going to bring positive change. To prove it, they are flaunting their unique qualifications and recommendations for change. But of the two candidates, which one, if either, will repair a broken country?  America has slipped from its perch internationally. It is no longer the prosperous nation, the strong defender of human rights and freedom that it once was. Instead, it is a country in crisis and in need of steroids. Under the leadership of the Obama Administration, America has become a faded image of what it once was – both domestically and internationally.........In my recently reissued book, The Fire Within, I predicted in the 1980s that America would soon face such a crisis. As a student and later as a teacher, I saw how educators were preparing students for a new world order; in the book, I recorded how it was happening through education. I knew there would come a time, when the public would have to make a crucial choice. At the time of writing this book, I never expected it to be within my lifetime.........For the sake of America – and the world – I hope it is a landslide with Donald trumping Hillary and destroying the rigged political and voting system that the politicians have put in place.........To Read More.....

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