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The Real Truth About Charlotte-Mecklenburg Riots

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The smoke and stench of destruction by blacks with no sense of moral propriety rising in the air over Charlotte-Mecklenburg, North Carolina, can be seen for miles. The images of the violence they have perpetrated and the appalling screeds that flowed from their mouths like a severe case of encopresis have been broadcasted worldwide.

The abhorrent barbarism that has shaken Charlotte-Mecklenburg is being attributed to the police shooting and killing of Keith Lamont Scott. But that is the red herring used to silence truthful criticism and justify animalistic behavior. It may have been a secret to the rest of America, but it was no secret to those in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area that Scott had a two decade long history of gun violence, which included the shooting at police officers in Texas. But as is typical in instances like this the most violent of offender is immediately heralded to be worthy of sainthood, their lengthy and violent criminal histories notwithstanding.

The riots, which where in large part free shopping sprees, were not about justice; if they had been about justice the rioters would have helped police get Scott off the streets long before he signed his own death warrant by disobeying commands by police to drop the gun he was brandishing. It should also be noted that Scott was breaking the law having the gun because legally he could not purchase and carry a firearm with his criminal history. Which means he had to have purchased the firearm illegally from another street thug. But I digress.

The shooting of Scott was the excuse used to promote violence and racist vitriol by blacks. The late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, (D-NY). Moynihan once said: “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.” That observation segues perfectly to Moynihan’s profoundly insightful observation:
“The incidence of anti-social behavior among young black males continues to be extraordinarily high…[T]his is the biggest problem black Americans face…Because blacks live in de facto segregated neighborhoods, and go to de facto segregated neighborhoods, the socially stable elements of the black population cannot escape the socially pathological ones. Routinely their children get caught up in the anti-social patterns of the others…Let me draw your attention to another phenomenon, exactly parallel, and originating in exactly the same social circumstances. Fire…A great many are more or less deliberately set…Fires are in fact a ‘leading indicator’ of social pathology for a neighborhood. They come first. Crime, and the rest follows. The psychiatric interpretation of fire-setting is complex, but it relates to the types of personalities which slums produce.

With no real evidence, I would nonetheless suggest that a great deal of the crime, the fire setting, the rampant school violence, and other such phenomenon in the black community have become quasi-politicized. Hatred – revenge – against whites is now an acceptable excuse for doing what might have been done anyway. This is bad news for any society, especially when it takes the form which the Black Panthers seem to have adopted.

This social alienation among the black lower classes is matched and probably enhanced, by a virulent form of anti-white feelings among portions of the large and prospering black middle class. It would be difficult to overestimate the degree to which young well educated blacks detest white America.” (Memorandum For The President; 1/16/1970;
Moynihan could have written his letter this morning and it would be just as accurate. Herein lies the fact(s) America refuses to grasp. The overwhelming majority of blacks hate whites with a hatred that they themselves do not fully understand, to the extent that they understand it at all.
Scott’s shooting isn’t the reason for the rioting in Charlotte-Mecklenburg; rioting is the viscous substance that lubricates the engine of inculcated turmoil and acrimony.

Blacks share the mentality of another group who are driven by uncontrolled hatred of a united American community. Muslims twist the minds of the malleable leaving the acts of terror and mayhem to their toss-away Jihadis. So too, the black illuminati funded by insanely wealthy white cultural-Marxists are given what amounts to a bag lunch and cigarette money to riot, destroy, loot, and plunder under the guise of rebelling against an oppressive “white police state.”

It is the fool who believes the riots and hate-filled vitriol are based upon a social injustice. The two are not remotely tangential. These conspired waves of savagery are the sharp end of the spear but those holding the spear are they who benefit monetarily and politically.

The faces of those associated with domestic terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter, et al, are nothing more than pawns in a global game of social unrest that is designed and intended to reap riches and political fortunes for the George Soros’ of America and the government caricatures who operate from the shadows.

Blacks and those who feign concern for justice as long as same is defined as demonization of whites and vilification of all authority, are entitled to their pernicious heterodoxies, but they are not entitled to make up the facts. The facts are that blacks are usable because they are blinded by unconscious and reflexive contempt for whites that lends itself perfectly to those who benefit from social unrest and immiseration.

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