Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Next Left: Demand the Impossible!

Paul Austin Murphy

Here's a few questions for American Thinker readers:
  • “Do you take an interest in the way society functions?  
  • “Are you angry or upset about injustice, exploitation and oppression? 
  • “Are you interested in political ideas and theories, even if you don’t yet know much about them?  
  • “Do you want to get involved in contributing to positive social change, if only in small ways at first?  
  • “Lastly, no experience of activism is necessary to attend Demand the Impossible, but some experience should not prevent you applying.”
Does all that sound appealing? Then Demand the Impossible is for you..........By demanding the impossible, you create a “revolutionary situation” in which the state/government can't deliver.  Then, it's hoped, “the people” will rebel or revolt.  More

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