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More evidence points to prosecutors, investigators as source of John Doe leaks

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MADISON, Wis. – Despite the garish headlines and the narratives of nefarious political schemes wrought by The Guardian’s release of court-sealed John Doe documents last week, only one known crime has to date been committed: The leaking of those documents.

And now there is more evidence pointing to prosecutors or their allies as the source of that leak.
Sources close to the situation tell Wisconsin Watchdog that the 1,300-plus documents related to Wisconsin’s politically driven John Doe investigation could only have come from the working files of the prosecutors and investigators in the case.

There is a small universe of people who had access to the documents, and that universe is almost exclusively populated by prosecutors, investigators and court officials.

It is clear the documents were not filed in any court, sources say; none of the documents were stamped or marked as exhibits.

As Wisconsin Watchdog reported last week, the records include handwritten notes on the motion of an unnamed movant (one of dozens of conservatives targeted in the probe), as well as an unsigned draft of an affidavit from John Doe special prosecutor Francis Schmitz. “There is other actionable intelligence such as the time zone, date and exact time these documents were scanned and later revised and the make and model of the copier used to scan them,” one source told Wisconsin Watchdog.

Photo by Fox6 News
Photo by Fox6 News
Gov. Scott Walker answers press questions
 last week following the latest chapter of
Wisconsin’s never-ending John Doe saga.
“There is also evidence to suggest the perpetrator or perpetrators worked closely with outside interests to select the leaked documents,” the source said.

Of an estimated 6 million-plus documents grabbed up by prosecutors and included in the John Doe sealed files, whoever handed off the documents to the liberal British newspaper cherry-picked the ones that would garner the kind of breathless reporting that followed their release. They were designed for maximum damage of conservatives who were never charged with any wrongdoing, and many others who had no idea they were being investigated or, more aptly put, spied on, until the Wisconsin Supreme Court ordered the special prosecutor to inform them late last year.

While left-wing groups and their friends in the mainstream media hammered narratives of conservative groups working closely with Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign in some kind of illegal web of illicit fundraising, several courts with access to many more documents than those leaked to The Guardian have determined the prosecutors have shown no evidence of broken laws.

What is clear, based on rulings by the John Doe judge and the state Supreme Court, is that all of the documents – including the 1,350 leaked to the liberal publication, were obtained without probable cause and, arguably, in violation of the federal Stored Communications Act. There is a class-action lawsuit pending on that latter point.

On Thursday, Republican Assembly leaders asked Attorney General Brad Schimel to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the leak.

“In light of the recent unauthorized disclosure of sealed documents in a John Doe investigation, we are writing to request you consider the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate this apparent violation of Supreme Court order and state law,” wrote Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke, R-Kaukauna, and Joint Finance Committee co-chair, state Rep. John Nygren, R-Marinette in their letter to Schimel.

Schimel’s spokesman said the AG is “very concerned about the apparent violation of the secrecy orders issued by the court in this case, and is currently reviewing the available options to address the serious legal questions raised by the leak and publication of these sealed documents.”

As of Tuesday, Schimel had not announced his intentions.

The attorney general and the state Supreme Court have the authority to initiate an investigation into the leaks of the personal and private documents, criminal violations under several Wisconsin statutes.
“We don’t need a special prosecutor. We need the Attorney General to do his job and provide a check on the extraordinary power these prosecutors have to ruin the lives and reputations of innocent people,” a target of the John Doe told Wisconsin Watchdog.

“The person(s) who allowed these illegally seized documents to be released committed a crime.  It’s that simple.

Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm, the highly partisan Democrat who launched the political dragnet four years ago, released a statement Wednesday on the leaked court documents.
“John Doe materials are secret materials,” the prosecutor said. “The public release of this John Doe evidence without authorization is not merely a violation of the John Doe secrecy order; it is a crime under Wisconsin law.”

Illustration by Wisconsin Watchdog
Illustration by Wisconsin Watchdog
 was removed from his front man position
 as John Doe special prosecutor after
 the state Supreme Court majority opinion
 described him as having perpetrated a
 ‘perfect storm of wrongs.’
Chisholm insists that he and Schmitz “support any effort that may be undertaken to determine the source of these newest leaks.”

Schmitz told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel he has “no recollection” of seeing some of the John Doe documents.

The former special prosecutor and Chisholm told the newspaper that previous leaked information also should come under the scope of any review.

Wisconsin Watchdog, the Wall Street Journal, and the Journal Sentinel have published sealed documents obtained from sources.

Vos’ spokeswoman told the Journal Sentinel that the speaker believes “any leak is a crime.”

Wisconsin’s unique John Doe procedure comes with a secrecy order that an appeals court justice described as “screamingly unconstitutional.” The political John Doe demanded that conservatives who were targeted or who were called as witnesses in the probe say nothing to anyone about the investigation, on punishment of jail and costly fines. They could say nothing when their homes were raided and their possessions taken by armed law enforcement officers in very disruptive, early-morning warrant actions. They could say nothing when mainstream media sources reported on crimes they were accused of committing.

Some risked much to try to defend themselves in a probe that had stolen their voices as much as their personal information.

The prosecutors are held to even higher standards, with hefty penalties for breaking the secrecy orders.

“John Doe II,” as it has been billed, was an active campaign finance investigation for some 15 months, until January 2014, when John Doe Judge Gregory Peterson quashed several subpoenas used in the investigation. He ordered the John Doe shut down but allowed the prosecutors to appeal.  In July 2015, the Wisconsin Supreme Court declared the investigation unconstitutional and ordered it shut down. Justice Michael Gableman, one of four conservatives to sign off on the ruling, described the special prosecutor’s actions as a “perfect storm of wrongs” perpetrated against people who did nothing wrong.

But Chisholm and two other Democrat district attorneys were allowed to petition the U.S. Supreme Court, asking it to overturn the state Supreme Court’s ruling. Among their arguments, the prosecutors contend Gableman and fellow conservative Justice David Prosser (now retired) should have recused themselves.

Chisholm insists the justices benefited from issue ads paid for by the Wisconsin Club for Growth and other conservative groups targeted in the John Doe. Of course, Chisholm fails to ask the same of former Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson, an ultra-liberal who benefited through issue ads paid for by the same labor groups that targeted Walker and Republican senators in the 2011-12 recall campaigns. Those campaigns are at the root of the John Doe campaign finance investigation.

Abrahamson also effectively set the probe in motion, her court assistant selecting the original John Doe judge who suddenly recused herself without explanation shortly after the 2013 raids.

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  348. WSJ: John Doe judge deals body blow to secret probe targeting conservatives
  349. Biggest secret in John Doe may be just how judges and special prosecutors are selected
  350. Republicans speak out about silent John Doe targeting conservatives
  351. WI Republican attorney general to represent judges in Democrat-led John Doe probe
  352. Wisconsin Dems suddenly support political investigations
  353. Center for Media and Democracy: Liberals are morally superior
  354. ‘Dangerous’ game: Former FEC official blasts Democrats’ secret investigation of conservative groups
  355. Conservative targets bring in big guns to Democrat-led John Doe fight
  356. Will Wisconsin’s own ‘Miserable’ inspector jail conservative activist for speaking out about Dem probe?
  357. Vendetta justice? Criticism growing about John Doe prosecutor Bruce Landgraf
  358. Sources: New judge named in Democrat-led secret probe
  359. Clarke: John Doe into conservatives ‘unbridled,’ ‘dangerous’ and ‘tainted’
  360. Sheriff Clarke: John Doe case shows Milwaukee DA is ‘weaponized for political purposes’
  361. Democrats tap anti-terror expert to head secret probe of Wisconsin conservatives
  362. Democrats’ ‘intelligence-gathering’ spreads in Wisconsin
  363. EXCLUSIVE: Judge in Democrat-led John Doe probe recuses herself
  364. Scary! Phantom prosecutor in Dems’ war on conservatives disappears inside courthouse
  365. Sources: Secret probe targeting conservatives is abuse of prosecutorial powers
  366. So what are the odds
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