Friday, September 30, 2016

Another Orwellian Moment: Liberals rejoice over legalization of child prostitution in California

Basically a victimless crime, right?

By Ed Straker

Social justice warriors everywhere rejoiced at the news that California has decriminalized, or effectively legalized, child prostitution.   After all, prostitution is basically a victimless crime, right? And progressives have spoken loudly about emptying jails of "non-violent" offenders.  What could be more non-violent than the lifestyle of an underage sex worker? .........Legalization will also help young people get jobs.  Pimps are reasonable economic actors just like everyone else.  When they see that underage sex workers are not being prosecuted while adult ones are, they will be more likely to hire children as prostitutes, radically reducing the teen unemployment rate (and maybe even the pre-teen unemployment rate as well!).  Couple that with California's great minimum wage laws, and children will finally earn an honest hourly wage for an honest hour's labor.

Perhaps in time they can even unionize and get group benefits, like a good dental plan......

Speaking seriously...liberals claim that by decriminalizing child prostitution, they are trying not to "penalize" the "victims"; but if you tell the "victims" that there are no consequences for their actions, guess what: you're going to have a lot more victims.  This is more about creeping legalization of prostitution – all sorts of prostitution, for everyone – than it is about "helping the children."..... More

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