Saturday, September 24, 2016

Hatch slaps down civil-rights commissioners

Charges they believe nondiscrimination policies 'trump' Constitution

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A prominent member of the U.S. Senate is blasting the Obama administration’s U.S. Commission on Civil Rights for making the claim that “nondiscrimination” laws should trump the First Amendment’s protections for free exercise of religion.  And Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, tells the commission that he’s very troubled by what appears to be a complete lack of understanding about religious rights in America.

“A majority of the commission appears to believe that, in all but the narrowest of circumstances, the civil right to freedom from discrimination trumps the constitutional right to freely exercise religion,” he charged on Friday. “In embracing this position, however, the report adopts a stunted and distorted version of religious liberty, suggesting that claims of religious conscience are little more than a cloak for bigotry and hatred. I reject the false picture of religious liberty presented in the report.

“The report also fails properly to account for the primacy of religious liberty in our nation’s history, founding principles, and legal commitments. Remarkably, the report’s title does not even mention the term ‘religious liberty,’ but rather subsumes it as one of a number of ‘civil liberties’ that, one supposes, are of varying significance."........Read more

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