Friday, September 30, 2016

Soviet Parallels

By Jim Beers
It has been twelve days since Dahir Ahmed Adan stabbed and slashed 10 people in a St. Cloud mall; and our obsequious FBI Director says the mountain of evidence and credit from ISIS “isn’t dispositive for us” and thus you title your report “Extremism motivated man who stabbed 10 at mall”.  “Extremism”, do you really think we are so dumb?
Like reporting the race (something we must all report on government documents or to receive race-based government benefits) of crime perpetrators or even crimes the government feels we shouldn’t be aware of; newspapers and TV are complicit in propagandizing the public shamelessly for government favor.
Today’s media and the current rulers (in this case Comey, Lynch and the President) are reminiscent of Khrushchev and his aides in the old Soviet joke:
"Khrushchev, surrounded by his aides and bodyguards, surveys an art exhibition. "What the hell is this green circle with yellow spots all over?" he asked. His aide answered, "This painting, comrade Khrushchev, depicts our heroic peasants fighting for the fulfillment of the plan to produce two hundred million tons of grain.” "Ah-h… And what is this black triangle with red strips?" ”This painting shows our heroic industrial workers in a factory." "And what is this fat (‘donkey’) with ears?” "Comrade Khrushchev, this is not a painting, this is a mirror.”
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