Sunday, September 25, 2016

How the Word “Racist” Lost it’s Meaning

By A.F. Branco September 24, 2016


Hypocritical Rioters use Violence to “Protest” Violence,  By Dave Jolly
Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people in North Carolina, mostly blacks, have been staging protests over the shooting of a black man by a black police officer.  As in earlier similar cases, the shooting victim, Keith Scott, refused to comply with police orders. Two officers on the scene ordered Scott to drop a handgun he was holding, but he refused.........Most black activists are nothing more than racial bigots who are full of hate and see nothing but racial hate everywhere they look, regardless if it is there or not..........

Black Panther Chairman Justifies Black Violence,  By Michael Ware
‘Kill Whitey’ Panther is held on gun rap
Last Updated: 3:42 AM, June 22, 2013
Posted: 1:36 AM, June 22, 2013
The tattoo on his face says, “Kill Whitey” in block letters, and cops say the gun he carried was loaded and unlicensed.  But that didn’t stop Maruse Heath — head of the Philadelphia chapter of the New Black Panther Party — from claiming that he’s really all about charity and outreach as he was arraigned on a gun-possession charge in Manhattan last night.....

Protest Thugs and the Real Evil in Charlotte, Daniel Greenfield    
Keith Lamont Scott was scum.  He had been convicted of assault with a deadly weapon in two different states and convicted of assault in three states. He had been hit with “assault with intent to kill” charges in the 90s. His record of virtue included “assault on a child under 12” and “assault on a female.”  The media spin; “Family and neighbors call Scott a quiet ‘family man.’”Nothing says “quiet” like “assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill” and nothing says “family man” like assaulting women and children.  Keith Lamont Scott, the latest martyr of Black Lives Matter and its media propaganda corps, was shot while waving a gun around. He had spent 7 years in jail for “aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.”  This vicious monster’s career of crime ended when he was shot by Brentley Vinson, an African-American police officer, protecting himself from the latest rampage by this “quiet family man.”.....

If you get a big enough group of people, that group will inevitably include good people and bad people. If you gather a big enough group of angry protesters, you’re going to include people who are genuinely expressing their feelings of outrage against injustice, and you’re going to include people who think, “Hey, this is my chance to steal some stuff.” Or, “Let’s hurt some people by throwing rocks at cars, police officers, or down from overpasses at oncoming cars.” The presence of the “let’s steal some stuff” people taint whatever cause the other protesters claim to defend..... But once again we see government leaders telling the public that things are “normal” when they are anything but normal:.......... Jeremy Carl is getting tired of the subtle justification for the unjustifiable:.....

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