Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Respect For Authority Starts At Home, Not ‘After’ You’re Shot By Police

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People just don’t get it, and I am speaking specifically to blacks. Whether you like authority or not, we are a country based upon a system of laws that are there to protect us all. Accordingly when you have a gun in your hand, behaving in a threatening manner toward law enforcement officers, and the officers tell you to drop the gun, it is in your best interest to do so.

There is nothing corrupt about a police officer telling you to drop your gun. But the consequences of not obeying that command can and probably will result in a bad outcome based upon your defiant disobedience.

This was the case in the shooting death of Keith Lamont by a Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer. Predictably the outcry was immediate with blacks wasting no time saying the shooting represents the threat blacks live under. In addition to those claims they wasted no time in burning their neighborhoods and looting a Wal-Mart Store, in addition to looting commercial trucks and setting them afire.

The shooting was like getting a pony for Christmas to the media; they can bang the drum of cop kills African-American. The only sad thing for them is that the officer who fired in self-defense was black. The police chief is black and the city government is predominantly black. Ergo they will be limited in their ability to argue “white racist cop(s)” killed another African-American. But that will not prevent them from fomenting whatever discord they can.

However, these people will never address the brutal truth. The brutal truth is that Lamont is dead because he: A) threatened police with a firearm and B) refused to obey police officers orders that he drop the gun. Blacks, the media, and certainly the rioters do not want to hear the truth – the truth is that Lamont was responsible for his own death. Had he obeyed the command to drop the gun he would be alive today. And he would certainly be alive if he hadn’t been in the street with the gun behaving in a threatening manner.

But the truth is a rare commodity these days, unless it serves the narrative of anarchists. Of course it is a tragic occurrence, however it is a tragic occurrence that was entirely avoidable.

It is unfortunate that Lamont’s children will grow up without a father and the blame for that must be placed on him. Supposed he had shot and killed a police officer? Would these same people who are now looting and burning buildings mourn the loss of with the policeman’s family? I would say, “not likely.”

The message that should come out of this situation is the message that will not be uttered except by someone such as myself; the message is that people (blacks included) must respect and obey law enforcement.

As I said; few want to hear the truth but the truth is people wouldn’t be injured and/or killed in these situations if they obeyed the directions of law enforcement.

Mine is the least popular view of what took place in Charlotte-Mecklenburg you will hear, but the truth is the truth.

And using the belligerent and threatening acts of Lamont, which resulted in his death, as an opportunity to go on a shopping spree, ala looting and stealing, resolves nothing. The burning and looting does show that these blacks are opportunistic vultures without morals and/or respect for authority.

Maybe it’s time to start having a conversation about respecting authority juxtaposed to blaming police. However that’s a conversation that won’t take place because to have that conversation, they would need to start with the disrespect these people show their parent(s), teachers, “baby-mammas”, their neighborhoods, themselves, ad nauseum.

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