Friday, September 30, 2016

September 28, 2016, Australia: Entire state of of South Australia Blacked out – “Unprecedented”

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Premier blames mass blackout on the fact that wind power turbines cannot run during extreme weather.

Here are a salient details:

• Storms black out the entire State.
• Catastrophic outage!” Unprecedented in Australian history!
• Royal Adelaide hospital down without backups working.
• Other hospitals and emergency services using back-up generators.  Most will be able to maintain services for at least 72 hours.
• 130,000 lightning strikes in a day
• It’s chaos everywhere.
• Some properties without water and unable to clear sewage.
• One of the most extreme weather systems in decades.
The premier warned that the extreme weather event is not over.

Thanks to Stephen Bird, Oz Steamer and Laurel for these links
  • “The govt morons who SHUT DOWN and sold off the TWO massive power plants IN SA have now been really exposed as having NO backup and not enough means to supply even part of the state,” says Laurel. “The disgusting windmills are useless all over as the winds are damn near cyclonic apparently.”  “I’m worried about aged and ill friends living there ”
  • Laurel continues. “One at least has a wood stove for heat and cooking. The other has nothing." 
  • “What the story does not make plain is that South Australia has decided to go “all renewable” electrical power supply,” says Oz. “The Greenies got the State Government to shut down the only coal fired power station at Port Augusta, and go with Wind Turbines and (some) solar.
  • “The whole problem is that in very high winds, the wind turbines have to shut down (or they fall apart),” Oz continues. “And the other source of electrical power is the inter-state link, which had some of the power lines blown down by the wind. In the Old Days, this would not have mattered too much, because the coal-fired Port Augusta Power Station could take over. Now, they have gone and shut it down, to “reduce Global Warming.”.
  • “In the last few minutes, the Australian media have reported the entire South Australian mobile phone network is about to run out of emergency power supply and shut down.”

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