Monday, September 26, 2016

Where are black preachers denouncing Charlotte riots?

Exclusive: Jesse Lee Peterson exposes pawns of 'leftist plan of disruption'

Where are the black preachers in the wake of days of lawless anarchy in Charlotte, North Carolina? Most are either missing in action, or worse – siding with the rioters.   Charlotte-Mecklenburg police repeatedly told 43-year-old Keith Lamont Scott to drop his gun before they shot and killed him. But false reports spread by Scott’s family and the media that the “victim” was a disabled black man – shot while holding a book – incited waves of lawless rioting........  But a report buried in the Charlotte Observer shows that Scott was a violent criminal who spent time in prison. The whitewashing of Scott’s thug history is a virtual repeat of the familiar media narrative that made an angel out of Trayvon Martin and a “gentle giant” out of Michael Brown in their efforts to demonize the police. The media never change, and black preachers who promote these lies are a disgrace...... This makes black preachers perfect dupes for George Soros and others who want to use the black community to undermine and destroy America’s justice system............Read more

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