Monday, September 26, 2016

Glyphosate herbicide in vaccines? Here is what concerned parents should know


It’s a nightmare scenario: an herbicide used to kill weeds is discovered in vaccines, threatening to turn disease-preventing and often life-saving inoculations hazardous to health and even life.
The campaigning anti-chemical group Moms Across America [read Genetic Literacy Project profile here] announced that a study it commissioned found trace amounts of glyphosate—the world’s most-used herbicide, often used with plants genetically modified to resist it—in several vaccines........  The “study”, which has not been release for review let alone appeared in a peer-reviewed scientific publication was conducted by a private St. Louis company called Microbe Inotech which does not have the expertise to do a sophisticated assay on glyphosate, allegedly identified these concentrations of glyphosate:......Debunked studies and questionable motives.........Everything that regulatory agencies and credible scientists know about glyphosate tells us this outcome is extremely unlikely.

Unfortunately, such sensational allegations only serve to spark unwarranted fear and confusion and make finding reliable information much more difficult......To Read More.....

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