Monday, September 26, 2016

BlackLivesMatter Rioters Attack and Beat Two White Teenage Girls

By Philip Hodges

What started off as a peaceful protest ended with a violent brawl against two teenage sisters.
The protesters were demonstrating against what they perceived as a case of police brutality. The incident they were protesting had happened back in August, and it involved police shooting and killing a black suspect for not dropping his handgun when ordered to.

I understand that there are legitimate cases of excessive force or brutality from police, but when a suspect is being pursued by the police, and he’s carrying a gun, and he won’t drop it, if he gets shot, I can’t really blame the police.

Whatever the case, this group of protesters were out demonstrating in Stockton, California – about an hour’s drive south of Sacramento – and they were wearing Black Lives Matter shirts. According to a local CBS affiliate:.......To Read More....

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