Monday, August 25, 2014

Why Top Catholic Education Organization Says Common Core Could Threaten Religious Liberty

Fred Lucas

A leading Catholic education organization is warning that Common Core could pose a threat to religious freedom for Catholic schools that adopt the controversial education standards.  The Cardinal Newman Society’s summer newsletter named among the 10 things Catholics should know about Common Core is that it “could lead to religious liberty violations.” That’s in part because of the Department of Health and Human Services mandate to cover contraception coverage for employees.

“Catholic schools’ protection from threats like the HHS mandate depends on showing consistent Catholic identity, because First Amendment protections often depend on demonstrating a bona fide religious character,” the newsletter warned. “The Common Core may diminish a school’s Catholic identity by ‘crowding out’ important elements of authentic Catholic formation, emphasizing skills and practicality over vocation, and failing to teach reasoning from a foundation of truth.”….To Read More….
My Take - We really need to start reading more history.  If we did none of this would be so confusing.  The goal of socialism in Europe, going back to the French Revolution and continued in the late 1800's in America as the progressive movement, was to take over education and make sure the "apple fell as far from the tree as possible".   Meaning the state and not the parents nor the churches was to be the final arbiter of morality.  Nothing has changed, the difference is the schools - especially the universities - have become so heavily infested with progressives, liberals, socialists and communists who have deliberately lied to society making people incapable of seeing the danger. 

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