Sunday, August 17, 2014

Muslim Mob Abducts Christian Nurse From Her Home and Gang Rapes Her Over And Over Again

By Pamela Geller

Global Jihad 2014 Latest news Libya jihad: Islamic Supremacism attacks 9/11/12 299 Comments If the world thinks that pretending that this is not happening, or worse, ignoring it, is going to spare them the same fate, they are gravely mistaken. This is the jihad that Obama aided and abetted in ushering in.

This is Obama’s Libya — after his surrender in Benghazi. The abduction of this young Filipino Christian took place only a few days after a Filipino construction worker was beheaded, amid allegations that he was killed for not being a Muslim.

But the UN seeks to prosecute Israelis for “war crimes” for defending themselves against this pox against humanity. Every rational and freedom-loving man cannot fathom why the world is submitting to such savagery. - See more at:

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