Saturday, August 16, 2014

The “Seralini study” on rats fed GM maize (corn) is back. And still whack.

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Last year, the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology announced its retraction of a study done by Giles-Eric Seralini and colleagues asserting that rats fed genetically-modified corn suffered significantly more malignant tumors than rats fed unmodified corn. Unfortunately, the study was republished this week in the journal Environmental Sciences Europe. Yet, the criticism remains the same.

The study’s findings remain as baseless as ever: the strain of rat—called the Sprague-Dawley Rat, which was used in the study, is well-known to have a significant predisposition to developing breast tumors; furthermore, 25 percent of the rats in the control (non-GMO-fed) group got tumors and died while some of the test groups were healthier than the control group. This breed of rats is routinely used for toxicity and carcinogenicity studies in pharmaceutical research for precisely this reason. These rats pick up toxicity and carcinogenicity signals quickly, but are prone to false positives……To Read More……  

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