Monday, August 25, 2014

How to Fight Wind Energy!

By John Droz, Jr.

As you know, AWED is fully committed to helping citizens fight off threats (e.g. wind energy) to their community.  The sixty-four thousand dollar question is: What is the most effective way of doing that? Through lots of research, combined with trial and error, here are the key elements as we see them today:

1 - A proper Plan of Action needs to be prepared and adhered to. This is our latest document, so please look it over carefully.
2 - When speaking to legislators (or the media), it’s important to follow the instructions in What Not To Say.

3 - A key objective is to pass an Effective Ordinance. This is all explained in Wind Law Options.

4 - To further assist with these we have put together an extensive collection of helpful resources at

All of these materials are works in progress, so if you have any suggestions for improvements, please pass them on.

Note that the devil is absolutely in the details!  Citizens who have accomplished more, have paid more attention to the methodology.

That important message warrants repeating:  

Communities that have been successful have done so not due to having more money, or even by working harder — but rather by going about it smarter.

As usual, please pass this on to other open-minded individuals.


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