Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Paradigms and Demographics: Morning Edition!

Posted by Rich Kozlovich

Global Warming

The costs of terraforming Mars -vs- mitigating Earthly climate change seem to have similar values and timescales. Josh provides a cartoon as well. We can terraform Mars for the same cost as mitigating climate …

“THE process of long range forecasting is thousands of years in the making and is still used in older cultures. The Greeks inherited their knowledge from the people of the Indus Valley and Asia, Hebraic Sumerians, Chaldeans and from northern Africa. Agricultural economies needed reliable calendars and recognition of systems that both influenced and tracked [...]

“ONLY beliefs are true or false, or sentences that express beliefs.” That’s according to Marianne Talbot, University of Oxford, explaining “critical reasoning” in a course available for download through iTunes. A theory, like anthropogenic global warming, is of course, meant to be scientifically-based so it should be open to logical argument and falsification.


Embattled, scandal-plagued, liberal AZ AG incumbent, Tom Horne just released a new ad saying conservative challenger Mark Brnovich favors tuition for illegals! This is such a flat, disgusting lie that people need to stand up and denounce him for it. Brnovich would never support tuition for illegals in a million years. I am appalled Horne has the nerve to run something that blatantly dishonest, isn't that defamation? Time and time again, Horne has ducked opportunities to combat illegal immigration. He wouldn't defend Governor Brewer in the court case over driver's licenses for illegal immigrants. Horne has a long pattern of picking and choosing when to get involved in illegal immigration issues. Why didn't he file a lawsuit against Pima County over tuition for illegals, only Maricopa County, if he was really so concerned about it? Because everything he does is political.…

Warning: This article contains graphic imagery - The Mexican foreign ministry has launched a formal protest in response to Governor Rick Perry’s decision to send Texas National Guard Troops to the southern border.  According to a head-scratching statement released by Mexico, there is apparently no border security problem and the State of Texas has grossly overreacted…..


How deeply entrenched the Left's mentality is.

Hollywood conservatives get bolder.


Child care provider Jennifer Parrish was preparing a meal one afternoon eight years ago for the six kids she was minding when a man she didn't know strode through the door. "He walked into my home without knocking and asked me to sign what he said was a petition asking for the state for health insurance for child care providers like myself," the Minnesota native told a Heritage Foundation audience last week.  She already had health insurance so she wasn't interested. But the man would not leave. "He grew more and more upset with me each time I said no. It was a very intimidating experience."  Parrish convinced him she would sign if he would just leave the petition with her. It was only after she read the fine print that she learned it was in fact a membership sign-up card for the Service Employees International Union. The visitor never mentioned the word "union."…….


With Congress out of session, the nation turns its lonely eyes elsewhere in search of suitably entertaining political theater. And sure enough, Democrats in the great state of Texas have done the trick.   On Friday, a Democratic prosecutor in Travis County (that is, hyper-liberal Austin) obtained a grand jury indictment against Republican Gov. Rick Perry. The charge? He threatened to veto an appropriations bill — a plenary power granted him under the Texas constitution — and then followed through on his threat.…..

Idiots' Guide to Looting - By Kevin Jackson
I don't condone looting, but do believe there are situations where looting is necessary. Take Hurricane Katrina for example. Looting to get food and water for survival was warranted, that is if you were stupid enough to remain in a punch bowl with a Category 5 hurricane bearing down on you. And many stupid Liberals were…..

Police Refuse to Protect Businesses in Ferguson - By Andre Dall'au
In Ferguson, Missouri, the unthinkable has happened. When the controlling law enforcement authority (an African-American sworn officer), was directly asked to help protect (predominately white-owned) businesses from looters that who ACTUALLY entering and stealing, vandalizing and ruining their stores (to try to appease and placate black criminals using a the police shooting of another black criminal to commit acts on white people), THEY WERE TOLD NO. Let that sink in, the police were standing by just blocks away but refused to enforce the law based on prioritizing the needs and wants of the African-American Community well ahead of the active protection of white businesses. The law enforcement community has taken a huge blow dealt by this one Missouri State Police Captain who has effectively sided with his fellow blacks to condone lawlessness to prevent a possibly negative public view of aggressive law enforcement…...

David Paulin A racial attack the media chose to ignore.

The black community's distorted view of Ferguson — and how to fix it.
Dr. Baden's autopsy makes impossible a racist Left's narrative.

·         Why so much anger in Ferguson?


Poor Regulations - Lloyd Billingsley
Paul Ryan shines a light on the biggest victims of federal bureaucracy.

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