Friday, August 15, 2014

The Judenrein Port of Oakland

August 15, 2014 by Ari Lieberman 3 Comments

Israel’s recent counter-insurgency campaign against the Hamas terror group has left the organization battered and bruised. Despite Hamas’s cynical exploitation of Gaza’s civilian population, the Israeli Defense Forces outfought and outsmarted the genocidal organization. Close to three dozen terror tunnels were destroyed and nearly 1,000 terrorists were killed. In addition, 2/3 of Hamas’s rocket stockpiles have been depleted and, unlike in years past, Hamas will have a tough time restocking thanks in part to greater Egyptian vigilance in monitoring the border with Gaza.

Having lost on the field of battle – for the tenth time – the Israel haters and assorted anti-Semites have resorted to other methods in an attempt to inflict damage. Europe has witnessed a surge of anti-Semitism not seen since the ascent of the Third Reich. In France and throughout Europe, Jewish shops, synagogues and other institutions were torched and vandalized as the police stood helplessly on the sidelines…..To Read More……
My Take - What's this? These lefties are getting violent against Jews? That just can't be true - can it? Aren't they all touchy/feebly, warm and fuzzy, politically correct and morally superior to those cold, selfish and mean righties? Well, Hitler and his whole crew were lefties. Fascism is the right side of the socialist movement and communism is the left side, but they're two sides of the same coin, and no matter what tact of convenience they may take in order to gain politically they still end up resorting to hate and violence, and that includes the green/left. Socialism is about hating, jealousy and envy. Those are the tools used by leftists to gain power. The outcome in all of history has been disastrous. They offer godless utopia and deliver godless dystopia. Is it any wonder the left is so hot to impose Common Core on society? The damage they’ve done to “real” history isn’t enough for them. Now they’re trying to destroy it.   

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