Monday, August 25, 2014

Progressives' curious love for Islam

Exclusive: Gina Loudon counters leftists' defense of 'religion of peace'

While our nation collectively gasps over what happened to journalist James Foley at the hands of ISIS terrorists, those in America who would be their first targets, are deafeningly silent. It makes very little sense that the progressives in America have the least to say regarding radical Islam but are mostly found defending Islam as “a religion of peace.” While leftists abhor values like modesty when held by Christians, they embrace a belief system that kills women for immodesty? While they hold protests dressed as giant vaginas screaming about a woman’s right to her body parts, they get shy when women are genitally mutilated for sexual impurity? While many progressives are anti-death penalty, they don’t protest a religious/political system that routinely executes women, children and others without any form of due process? While they pontificate about a mythical separation of church and state, that same separation is impossible for Muslims. Islam is a political and religious system – a classic theocracy. Where is the leftist outrage?...... I submit that there are deeper, sicker, more deluded reasons why progressives hate conservatives and “tolerate” Muslims…..To Read More…….

My TakeAll that’s stated here is largely true, but the real foundation for the left’s unrelenting attacks of conservatives and Christians is twofold.  They can hate both groups openly with their bullying tactics, and neither conservatives nor Christians are going to kill them.  It would appear to me they would also happily hate the Muslims and attack and bully them with equal fervor ……except….Muslims have the tendency to kill their detractors.  Which now brings us to the core of all of this!  Since bullies are cowards does that make liberals cowards?  And what would they do if forced to live in a Sharia enforced environment?  Convert!  And what would they do after their conversion?  Bully and kill anyone who disagreed with them.  See - there really is common ground with Islamists and the west’s leftists!  Hate!

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