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Paradigms and Demographics: Morning Edition!

Posted By Rich Kozlovich

Guest opinion by Dr Tim Ball Creating the News: On August 4 2014, an article in The Guardian claimed, “World’s Top PR Companies Rule Out Working With Climate Deniers”. It is a classic example of what purports to be journalism today, a concocted story, in which the story contradicts the headline. It is a…
It is a fundamental economic law that pricing the services of any product above its market clearing price will create a surplus for that product. It should therefore be a self-evident truth that this economic law applies to labour with equal force. Regardless of what a many people think, labour is not special nor is it bought and sold. What employers actually do is pay rent to labour for the use of its services. How much rent must be paid for those services depends on the supply of labour and the value of its marginal product. The lower the supply (given an unchanged demand) the higher will be the wage, and vice versa.  The demand curve for labour consists of a descending array of marginal productivities. The point at which the wage rate is determined is where we find marginal workers, those it only just pays to hire. It is at this point that minimum wage laws* do their damage. These workers are the first to go when the effective minimum is raised. It follows that what really matters is not the minimum wage per se but the effective minimum rate, the rate that exceeds the market clearing price of labour. Hence it is this rate that causes unemployment....... Of course, Dresser could use the old Keynesian standby that as these employers save part of their incomes while marginal workers save nothing, then boosting the minimum wage will raise spending by reducing savings. No it won’t. This fallacy contains even more fallacies. To begin with it assumes that to save is not to spend. But saving is spending by another name and is the means by which spending is directed from the purchase of present goods to the purchase of future goods. (I should add that Keynesians are forever confusing cash balances
The truth about racial preferences in higher education.
The Evidence Behind Common Core Is Really Weak
Much like the push for government preschool, the Common Core movement is suffused with much hope but little evidence.
Not much bang for D.C.’s education bucks
...once more as students return for another round of reading, writing and arithmetic. In the District of Columbia, sad but true, they’re not learning much.
WV Against Common Core Holds Town Hall Meeting
West Virginia Against Common Core held a town hall meeting to inform local residents why they feel Common Core will negatively affect our state.
Kentucky Education Commissioner Terry Holliday became the latest state education higher-up to express skepticism on Common Core
One Judge Attempts to Block Thousands of Students from Accessing School Vouchers
Judge Robert Hobgood ruled the state’s school voucher program unconstitutional because the program appropriates funds in a manner that does not accomplish a public purpose.
more »
Global Warmingmore »

The ABC of RutherglenJennifer Marohasy
IF global warming is the greatest moral issue of our time, then the truth really does matter. But this morning, I felt that I had been shut outside, or at least cut-off, without having a chance to tell the whole story. Bronwen O’Shea the host of an ABC radio program for the Goulburn Murray, a [...]

Submitting the U.S. to the international community's will -- without the consent of Congress.

Alarmism: When Is This Bozo Going Down? By Patrick J. Michaels and Paul C. “Chip” Knappenberger Climate alarmism is like one of those pop-up Bozos. No matter how many times you bop it, up it springs. In fact, the only way to stop it, as most kids learn, is to deflate it. In this…

Yesterday we mentioned Obama’s nuclear option event, and now the fallout begins. From Timothy Cama and Scott Wong, The Hill President Obama’s election-year plan to win a new international climate change accord is making vulnerable Democrats nervous. The administration is in talks at the United Nations about a deal that would seek to reduce global greenhouse…more » more »


more » The Muslim Rape of Christian Nuns - Raymond Ibrahim
An ancient tradition continues -- with little to stand in its way.

While authorities and child protection services turned a blind eye to avoid being called "racist."

What we must learn from Iraq’s example. more »

When Americans Leave for Jihad - Peter Bergen and David Sterman, CNN
What can be done? Western governments are keenly aware of the problem of Syrian veterans coming home both radicalized and trained. The problem is that in some European countries with hundreds of returnees, it is just not possible to monitor all of them. That was vividly illustrated by the case of Nemmouche. more »

Middle East

The walking time bombs in our midst. more »

Protestors stand up to Jew-Hate on an American campus.

Can the Middle East Redraw Itself? - Marc Champion, Bloomberg View
Amre Moussa, the former Arab League head from Egypt, is calling for a Middle Eastern equivalent of the 1814 Congress of Vienna, in which Europe’s great powers established a new order to prevent wars between empires following the defeat of Napoleon. Admittedly, Moussa quickly backtracked to say the plan couldn’t initially include Iran, Turkey or Israel, making it really just another Arab League meeting. Still, I think he’s onto something.

A Grim Stalemate at War's End in Gaza - Dan Perry, Associated Press
The third Gaza War in six years appears to have ended in another sort of tie, with both Israel and Hamas claiming the upper hand. Their questionable achievements have come at a big price, especially to long-suffering Palestinians in Gaza. In a sense, Israel got what it wanted: Hamas stopped firing rockets in exchange for mostly vague promises and future talks. But the cost to Israel was huge: Beyond the 70 people killed - all but six of them soldiers - the economy has been set back, the tourism season destroyed, its people rattled for 50 days and its globa... more »

Hamas' Humiliation, Israel's Looming Loss - Avi Issacharoff, Times of Israel
Don’t be fooled. Hamas has capitulated to a ceasefire without any of its promised achievements. But Israel, too, will be a loser unless it changes its position on Mahmoud Abbas. more »

Iran's Great, and Squandered, Potential - Karim Sadjadpour, The Daily Star
During Iran’s 2013 presidential campaign, Hassan Rouhani marketed himself to a wary Iranian public and hard-line political establishment as the man who could reconcile the ideological prerogatives of the Islamic Republic with the economic interests of the Iranian nation. Iran did not need to decide whether to wage Death to America or dtente, whether to resist the global order or reintegrate with it, or whether to be theocratic or democratic. Under his leadership, Rouhani implied, the Islamic Republic of Iran could do it all. more »

President Barack Obama's decision to authorize aerial surveillance of Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) positions in Syria suggests that airstrikes employing manned and unmanned aircraft may not be far behind. All of this is right and proper. Yet danger lurks. The head of Syria's preeminent crime family—President Bashar Al Assad—waits, crocodile-like, for the American angler to tumble out of the boat. For Assad, opportunity knocks. If he handles matters correctly he can, with an assist from American inaction, return to polite society while others do the anti-ISIS ... more » more »

What the media won't tell you about affirmative action plans imposed on police departments.

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