Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Get Ready for Denials

August 13, 2014 by Walter Williams 1 Comment

Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera accused Matt Drudge’s website of “the worst kind of jingoistic rhetoric ever” for carrying news stories about the dangers of illegal immigration. He said Drudge “is doing his best to stir up a civil war. I mean, shame on Matt Drudge.”
Republican Rep. Todd Rokita and his Indiana delegation have been criticized for suggesting the possibility that Latin American children pouring across our southern border are carrying deadly diseases. Some of them have already been discovered to be carrying lice and suffering from disease. We’ve yet to find out what kind of communicable diseases they could spread to American children when schools across the country are forced to admit them.

Unfortunately, many people approach our recent southern border problem as a “humanitarian crisis” and hint that congressmen who want to make securing our border our No. 1 priority are, as President Barack Obama says, “mean.” Others who argue for border security run the risk of being dismissed as racists. The Democrats are hoping that painting the Republicans as mean racists will help them with the Latino vote in November……To Read More……
My Take - Well, Geraldo has been an idiot as long as he's been in the public's eye. He has the moral fiber of a goat and in order to twist reality to reach his conclusions he must be a gymnast mentally.  Or he’s just another left wing candidate to the Club For the Galacticly Stupid!

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