Sunday, August 17, 2014

My New Best Friends

by Mark Steyn August 14, 2014

Speaking to a capacity crowd at the "Heal Utah" event in May, Michael E Mann, PhD, notices that the media are keeping their distance.  As you may have heard, Big Climate consensus-enforcer and fake Nobel Laureate Michael E Mann is suing me and a trio of co-defendants for disparaging his hockey stick. On Monday, as I mentioned the other day, various bodies from the ACLU to the Cato Institute filed a flurry of briefs with the District of Columbia Court of Appeals. That in turn has prompted a slew of news stories on the case, the general gist of which you can get from the headlines:

By contrast, the response from Doctor Fraudpants' dwindling band of ecophants has been somewhat muted. Mann diehard Oakden Wolf objected to that headline about "groups" rallying around and rewrote it:

There should be modifications of "Groups", i.e., "Conservative, climate skeptical, oil-friendly groups rally..."

Yes, indeed. It's just Koch-funded notorious right-wing denialist groups like the ACLU, The Washington Post, NBC News, and The Los Angeles Times coming out against Dr Mann. Nothing for you chaps in the Big Climate bubble to worry about.

Steve McIntyre summarized it this way:

I get the sense that the Washington libel community and U.S. national media have belatedly woken up to the potential threat of Mann v Steyn and that the tide is now starting to run strongly against Mann in the anti-SLAPP proceedings. The most visible evidence of this is an impressive Amici brief from the ACLU and an imposing list of 25 other media organizations.
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