Thursday, August 14, 2014

What Dark Secrets Do Discovery/History Channel Crockumentaries Conceal?

By John Harris, on August 12th, 2014

“Actual footage” of a merman… sort of: courtesy of Animal Planet. The growing trend among television producers to grind out fake documentaries has numerous worrisome implications for the survival of a free society.

The grainy, crepuscular quality of the photo above is deliberate. The image was presented on The Discovery Channel/Animal Planet’s now infamous mock-documentary, Mermaids: The Body Found, as appearing on a boy’s cell phone just an instant before the terrified kid took to his heels. Two lads, so the story goes, somehow sneak onto a beach along the Pacific coast which the military has cordoned off (after testing a mysterious deep-sea sonar weapon). The boys find the sandy corpse of a seal-like creature with oddly human hands. As they poke further, the beast, summoning its few remaining vital sparks, rears up and yields the image almost accidentally captured as the young explorers flee in horror………. and, of course, there is a patently sinister side to operations calling themselves The History Channel and The Discovery Channel feeding us realism-coated garbage. When did fantasy become history? When did delirium become science? ……To Read More……

My Take - Someone once said something like - Everything you see on the news is absolutely true, unless of course what they're presenting is something you actually know a lot about. I pretty much stopped watching the Discovery channel years ago and the history channel's bounce between interesting and a joke, and I'm never sure which is going to be shown that day. I really wonder where they find these "experts" and PhD's with their absurd views, especially the “scholars” from religious institutions. I'm convinced they're as whacky as the losers who appear on Jerry Springer's show telling the world all their dark and seamy secrets. I keep wondering what in the world would possess someone to be that stupid. Don't they realize they have to go home and face their family, friends and workmates? Apparently it doesn't matter as long as they had their moment of fame on television. As for these “experts” – clearly a case of over educated and under smart, and besides, who ever said that education was a gaurantor of class or integrity?


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