Friday, August 29, 2014

Green Fatigue

By Rich Kozlovich

On August 25, 2014 Amy Westervelt wrote an article saying Environmental Messages Have Lost Appeal.  She went on to say, “Small businesses are playing down their green message. A decade ago, entrepreneurs rushed to take advantage of consumer demand for environmentally friendly products—but now…."We've never used the term 'eco' or 'green' in our marketing—people are saturated with those terms,"….. "The word 'eco' no longer elicits a very positive response."

 A number of years ago I was at a wedding reception and we were talking – actually I was pontificating - about global warming and all this green claptrap. One man said he was really sick and tired of hearing about it, and the rest of those sitting around the table pretty much agreed.  That's when I coined the term - Green Fatigue!

You can only scare people for so long before they start to look into what you're really up to. We have to give the environmental movement a lot of credit for attacking the issues involving clean water and air.  But we also have to recognize the states were already heading down that path.  Did the creation of the EPA and green activists speed that process up? Yes! But having done something right doesn't give you a pass on the rest of life.

In the early 1980's the green movement was overtaken with leftist ideologues. And the phony environmental scares haven't stopped since. Why? Because green is a business. Once the air and water was cleaned they would have to go out and get real jobs. Either that or create scares that would generate huge amounts of money. Then the leftists took over these organizations, and claims about concern for the environment merely became a ploy for power and money – of which the fraudulent Alar scare is a classic example.   

Dr. Jay Lehr – one of the ones who helped found the EPA – says:

In the late 1960s, I got involved in the formation of the U.S. EPA, and in the ‘70s was instrumental in the establishment of a safety net of environmental regulations. I had my hand in the writing of seven different pieces of legislation: the Water Pollution Control Act (which later became the Clean Water Act), the Clean Air Act, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (which dealt with waste disposal), the Safe Drinking Water Act, the Federal Insecticide, Rodenticide and Fungicide Act (FIRFA), the Superfund, and the Surface Mining and Reclamation Act. During this time, several of us had to teach environmental science to the Legislature and get them to pass different bills that would wake the public up to the need to maintain clean air, water, soil and groundwater, and to dispose of our waste in a more reasonable manner. During that decade we did a terrific job.

However in the ‘80s that work was complete and then the pendulum swung. Environmental advocacy groups saw the environment as a way to promote big government and liberal ideas that reduced individual freedom, and threw a monkey wrench in the path of progress and capitalism.

He went on to say:

Quite frankly, U.S. EPA has done nothing useful since 1980, and is, in my opinion, the worst agency today in the federal government and one that could be disbanded with no negative impact on the public. Each state has their own EPA and they do a good enough job that we really don’t need the Feds anymore. I began to realize that everything was being taken to an extreme during the ‘80s and in 1991, I published a book called “Rational Readings on Environmental Concerns,” where I contacted 50 different experts on various environmental issues and asked them if the government was handling their issues correctly or in an overbearing manner. All 50 of the scientists said things had gotten out of hand and there were distortions and mythologies creeping into their areas of environmental science.

But what about all these studies that demonstrate ecological disaster?  He goes on to say:

Science is following the government money, and it’s a problem in all industries. We’ve totally distorted science, not all of it, but certainly at the university level. They know they have to say what the government wants to hear in the grant proposal process in order to get their money. U.S. EPA rules the roost, and if they’re not out to prove or say bad things about chemicals of all kinds, they won’t likely get the money. This is all driven by the environmental advocacy groups that control U.S. EPA today. 

Environmental activists really are great at finding fault, but they really are lousy at finding solutions – and for a couple of reasons.  One, most of their complaints are fraudulent non-problems, and two,  people like Jay and Dr. Patrick Moore, a Greenpeace co-founder,   abandoned the movement as they saw the direction it was going, and that direction has nothing to do with real science or legitimate benefits to the environment or humanity. 
However, Dr. Lehr just as doesn’t just outline the problem in his talks and his articles -  he has developed a plan for replacing the federal EPA and still have oversight on environmental issues.
It eventually became obvious to those who research these green scares that the environment activists lie – a lot!  All of their answers for attaining “utopia” mean abandoning modern life.  They’re against every form of energy production.  They’ve now turned on the forms of energy they promote as in solar, wind, biofuels.   They insist we need to become one with nature to attain utopia.  The reality is this.    Dystopia – squalor, misery, sickness, suffering and early death - follows the green movement like Sancho Panza followed Don Quixote, a madman!  The green movement – through implementation its policies - has been responsible for more death, misery and suffering than the fascist and communist monsters of the 20th century!  Their claims about concern for future generations - and their emotional appeal "it's for the children",  must fall deaf ears. Most of what they've done isn't "for" the children, it been "to" the children, since its the children who have suffered the most from their policies.  This would include their stand against genetically modified organisms, including Golden Rice, which would have saved the sight and lives of millions, and they should be held accountable for those millions of children who have been blinded, and died as a result of their opposition. 
Is it any wonder society is suffering from Green Fatigue?  It's about time!

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