Saturday, April 1, 2017

Trump Team Uncovers a Mole: Leak of Whistleblowers leads to Shakeup of White House Staff

By Onan Coca March 31, 2017

It was only hearsay being questioned on conservative websites yesterday, but today Breitbart News says it has confirmed with several sources inside the White House that the move to reassign deputy Chief of Staff Katie Walsh was directly related to White House concerns that she was leaking information to the press!

On Thursday, pro-Trump website Conservative Treehouse wrote that the leak of Devin Nunes’ “whistleblowers” was actually an elaborate ploy to smoke out who in the White House was leaking information to the press. Just a short while after the New York Times broke the story, Katie Walsh announced that she would be moving on to help lead a pro-Trump organization outside of the administration.

However, conservative rumor mongers argued that this was actually the White House ridding itself of a dangerous leak.......To Read More.....

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