Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Conservative Students Bring Lawsuit Against Biased Berkeley

By Andrew West April 24, 2017

The University of California at Berkeley may finally feel the repercussions of their conservative censorship with a new lawsuit being brought against the college.

The trouble began for the liberal-leaning college months ago after conservative pundit Milo Yiannopolous was scheduled to speak on campus. Leftist students who were afraid that Yiannopolous might say something to offend them forced the cancelation of his appearance by escalating their protest to a riot, instigating massive security concerns for the campus.

 Now, with Ann Coulter, another right wing media figure, scheduled to appear on Thursday, Berkeley was on high alert for more domestic terrorism by the left. The college offered to change the date and venue for Coulter, but would do so in a way that kept the location secret until mere hours before the event began. Coulter refused, and then vowed to be present and ready to speak at UC Berkeley on Thursday, no matter what the official status of the event was......... To Read More.....

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