Sunday, April 30, 2017

''You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. In the name of God, go!''

By Rich Kozlovich
When Neville Chamberlain signed the Munich Agreement giving Hitler a big chunk of Czechoslovakia, (the Czechs weren't thrilled by the way) assuring the world this would give them "peace in our time", he sealed his fate as a failed Prime Minister and an incompetent appeaser because appeasement of dictators, or those with an agenda - doesn't work. 

Even one of his friends "a respected Conservative backbencher, Leopold Amery, rose and addressed to Chamberlain the words that Cromwell had said to the Long Parliament 300 years before:"
''You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. In the name of God, go!''
Chamberlain resigned and Winston Churchill - a man who was despised by many, and at one point thought his career was a failure - became Prime Minister, and Chamberlain was tarred negatively forever. 
But that's not really the whole story.
We have to remember WWI had just ended twenty plus years before, and the massive losses and suffering of the young men of the British Empire was still very fresh in their minds and hearts.  They would have done almost anything to avoid another war.  Chamberlain was actually doing the will of the British people - avoid war at almost any cost.  He tried and he failed because he was a man of his party.  He failed to understand the one all encompassing fact about effective leadership.  Leaders create consensus - managers follow consensus.  The go along, get along boys may be great go along to get along boys but that doesn't necessarily make great leaders. 
On April 29, 2017 Matthew Continetti posted the article, "The Democrats’ First 100 Days" saying: "The president’s first 100 days in office have been analyzed, dissected, evaluated. Not much left to say about them. What about the opposition? What do the Democrats have to show for these first months of the Trump era? Little."
The problem isn't with the leadership of the Democrat Party - it's the party - and this leadership is a complete and total representation of that party.  They're clueless about what really makes Americans tick, about what makes America work, and about the importance of traditional values.  Why?   Because the party is not a party of "the people", it's a party of radicals who hate everything that makes Americans tick and what makes America work. 
  • They hate capitalism.  Yet there is not now - nor has there ever - been a socialist state that succeeded without adopting some capitalist principles, and that just merely extends their existence before they collapse. 
  • They hate American culture.  If it's so bad why are so many keep wanting to come here?  If American culture is so bad why do they work so hard to overturn immigration policies? 
  • They hate Christianity and the morality it imposes.  Christianity believing nations have failed to live up to the principles of Christianity more times than not, yet Christianity remains now and forever the only stable moral foundation the world has ever known.  A moral foundation that made the western world amazingly successful, especially the United States. 
  • The hate white people.  They claim whites are all racists - and since it appears no matter how much whites do to help minorities - whites face unending accusations of racism - it may not be long before that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  And now with their concepts of multiculturalism and inclusion - if your against homosexuality or Islamism you're a racist, or a "phobe" of some kind meaning you're not only a racist - you're crazy. 
Sound familiar?  Well it should because that's what pours out of the mouths of the leadership of the Democrat Party.  And they're merely reflecting the views of their party - base, foundation and structure.  A party of radicals - racial radicals, environmental radicals, sexual radicals, social radicals, multicultural radicals, union radicals and academic radicals!  And Hillary wonders what's happening in this country?  They really don't understand why they're not connecting with the people they call "deplorables" who live in "fly over" country, "clinging to their Bibles and guns"!

Here's what's sad though.  The Republicans are almost as clueless, and in many ways remind me of the British Parliament during the first days of Churchill's administration.  Early on the "go along to get along" boys who fouled everything up felt he was not the man for the job.  Churchill went before the House of Commons - and on the radio - and gave the now famous,  Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat speech.

Unity followed because leaders create consensus. 

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