Saturday, April 29, 2017

Gender Disparity in Physician Income; New Straw Man Rises

By Chuck Dinerstein — April 26, 2017

Doximity [1], a social network of physicians, released its first annual survey of physician compensation and once again highlighted what they describe as a gender gap in physician payment.
“The average national gender gap among physicians is 26.5 percent less per year, meaning that on average, female doctors make $91,284 less than what the average male doctor makes. This topline number factors in all specialties examined, and regional differences.”
The flaw in their analysis is in their methodology
“We also controlled for ... their self-reported average hours worked per week.".......To Read More.....
My Take -  I've no doubt, based on all the other misleading claims about gender gap compensation,  this one is as equally unfounded. I hate having to say this over and over again - I don't care if there's a gender gap in all of this.  I never once heard anyone complain about the athletic compensation gap?  Not the difference between female and male athletes at the professional level.  I'm talking about the difference between the 98 pound weaklings and those athletes who are big, strong, fast and have amazingly quick reflexes.  Shouldn't there be some arrangement in professional athletics for them?  And I'm not talking equipment manger jobs - but players - first string players.  And why are there no athletic scholarships for 98 pound weaklings at the nation's universities?

How about this.  They give academic scholarships based on a criteria of performance.  Why don't they have scholarships based on stupidity and a complete lack of performance?  Is it fair some people are smart and and hard working and others aren't?    Is it fair some people are gifted athletically and others aren't?  And why isn't that studied?  Because it's stupid - that's why! 
Let's get over this crap already! 

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