Sunday, April 23, 2017

Democrats Want New Law that Would have Let Obama Decide if Trump could be President

By Howard Portnoy and Jeff Dunetz April 20, 2017
Just when you’ve though you’ve seen everything…Rep. Earl Blumenauer  (D-Ore.)  is obviously still living in the state of denial. Even though congress is in recess, he’s introduced a bill grounded in the idea that 25th Amendment’s process for removal of an unfit president is unsuitable. The implication is he would’ve liked to have had this to use against President Trump. His bill would give former presidents and vice presidents of both parties the authority to assess whether a sitting president is fit to remain in office.

This bill is something different for Blumenauer he usually concerns himself with monkey buisness. One of his earliest acts upon becoming a congressman in 2009 he sponsored the Captive Primate Safety Act to bar the sale or purchase of non-human primates for personal possession between states and from outside of the country. The previous year, Blumenauer had sponsored legislation to ban interstate trafficking of great apes, which had passed in the House but was tabled by the Senate.
When asked about his removal of the President bill by The Hill  Blumenauer said:.....To Read More....

My Take - Well, since he's from Oregon we know he's a loon, but now we know for sure - he deserves to be installed into The Club For the Galacticly Stupid.   Wasn't it Hillary who said it was just about treason for anyone to challenge the outcome of the election, and when she lost she encouraged challenges all over the country?  And the media touted that line like the good little propagandists they are.......until she lost. 

Imagine that?

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