Sunday, April 23, 2017

ANTIFA Thug Who Attacked Trump Supporters with Bike Lock Identified…You Won’t Believe Who….

By Andrew West April 20, 2017

The presidency of Donald Trump has brought out the absolute worst in the lunatic fringes of the leftist New Fascism movement. Dubbing themselves “ANTIFA”, ironically standing for “Anti Fascist”, these liberal miscreants have been wreaking havoc in a number of locales in an attempt to equate Donald Trump’s image with chaos, anarchy, and violence. These thugs are relying on an outdated definition of fascism that requires those accused to be of the “right-wing”, and for their motives to be based purely on nationalism or race.......To Read More.....

My Take - Nice the writer has exposed the perpetrator, but I do wish these "journalists", even those I agree with would read more....especially history books.  That should be an absolute requirement in journalism school.  Fascism hasn't evolved.  It is what it's always been - a left wing socialist movement that believes in, promotes, and imposes statism, just as does communism.  Fascism is the right wing of the socialist movement and communism is the left wing.  Fascism isn't a "right wing" - or as it were - a concept of the conservative right in America. 

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