Sunday, April 23, 2017

Heartland Institute on Global Warming

Four Reasons Trump Should Withdraw From Paris Climate Agreement
H. Sterling Burnett, American Spectator
There’s a tug-of-war going on in the White House over the Paris Climate Agreement. One side wants President Donald Trump to keep the United States in the treaty and negotiate a better deal. The other side insists the president must keep his promise to withdraw entirely. Each side is arguing its position is the best way to help “Make America Great Again,” but the “stay in Paris” side is 100 percent wrong. Here are four strong reasons why...........

Union of Concerned Scientists Hates the Truth About Global Warming
William M. Briggs,
The Stream Nobody, save the odd lunatic, denies Earth’s climate has changed. And all scientists agree that mankind affects the climate. So the term climate change denier has to be one of the dumbest, most inapt, and most foolish phrases of our times. Anybody who uses it proves she is clueless of the science of climatology ... or that she has something other than the practice of science on her mind. Like, say, politics. Which brings me to Ann Reid of the Union of Nervous — oops, make that Concerned — Scientists, who is panicked about The Heartland Institute’s mailing of Why Scientists Disagree About Global Warming to every science teacher in America.........

President Trump Should Run, Not Walk, Away From the Paris Climate Treaty
Joseph Bast, The Federalist
If President Trump does not withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Treaty and, even better, from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), then the leaders of other countries will use the treaties as a huge stick with which to beat U.S. consumers and producers. American independence and prosperity – and greatness – will be impossible. The American people, and the middle class in particular, will once again have been betrayed by the political class in Washington DC................

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