Sunday, April 23, 2017

Greedy Socialist Owns 3 Houses, Wonders why Rich People Need So Many Boats

By Onan Coca April 21, 2017

Nobody has ever suggested that Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) was a wise, or brilliant man. In fact, quite a few folks have suggested that his complete lack of economic understanding and his obvious thoughtlessness when it came to political issues proved that Sanders was off his rocker.

However, completely ignoring Sanders’ mental prowess would be a mistake because how many other socialists do you know can make money by pretending to be socialist? I say pretending because while Bernie has always talked a good game politically speaking he has always worked hard to get as much for himself as he possibly could.

How do we know? Because Bernie went from a penniless drifter, to mayor, to Senator… and somehow became wealthy. We also get a sense of his greed when we realize that he pays a lower income tax rate than most middle class Americans! This combined with the fact that he owns three very expensive homes… means that Bernie shouldn’t be criticizing any capitalists, ever. But that didn’t stop him from trying......To Read More....

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