Tuesday, April 25, 2017

America’s Education System and the Lesson of Competition

For all their shortcomings, our colleges are fonts of freedom compared to our public schools.

J.T. Young  April 25, 2017

Capitalism’s two centuries have proved competition is its essential element. No place in America’s 21st century demonstrates this like its educational system. On the positive side stands America’s world-leading college system; on the other stands America’s world-lagging public school system. The big difference between them is competition.

Capitalism requires several things to operate well. Private property is one. The rule of law, for enforceable contracts, is another. Stable money is also important.

However, for each of these there are replicas with which capitalism, at least in a primitive form, can exist. If there are societal limits on private property ownership, capitalism will take hold surreptitiously in sub-sectors where it does. Communism’s thriving black markets have continually proved this......To Read More.....

My Take - This article's concept of competition is accurate as far as it goes.  Higher education does compete for all the things he says they do, but the problem is - it's not real competition because the government funds so much of what they do.  In short - it's not all their money.  The competition they need to be doing is competition of ideas, not funding for overpriced professors who rarely teach and way over paid - and way too many - administrative personnel, who merely suck funds away from the real work universities should be doing - teaching kids stuff that works. 

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