Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Liberal Washington Post/ABC Poll Proves Trump Right

By Onan Coca April 24, 2017

A just released poll from the liberals at the Washington Post and ABC has the media stunned into stupidity today. Before I get to the heart of the poll let me show you what one of the headlines about the poll said… from the Hill, “Poll: 85 percent of Clinton supporters would vote for her again.”

From that headline, it’s hard to tell that this poll could cause an earthquake of fear on the left… but let’s dig past the Hill‘s terrible headline.  While 85% of Clinton’s supporters would vote for her again, the same poll finds that 96% of Trump supporters would cast their ballot the same way they did in November.......To Read More.....

My Take - A number of my customers are very rich and very democratic - meaning if Adolf Hitler was resurrected and nominated as the Democrat Party for President of the United States - they'd vote for him.  This has always fascinated me.  The number of them who are conservative are very small.  These are prominent people in their fields of endeavor and their communities. 

I had a conversation with one of them yesterday and her objection to Trump is - he lies.  Trump lies, but claims about Hillary's lies were overstated and unproven.  Really?  I keep asking everyone - what lies?  It's clear it was the Democrats who were colluding with the Russians, not Trump or his campaign.  And it's becoming abundantly clear Obama did "tap" the Trump campaign.  So what lies are they so worried about? 

One thing is clear to me at least.  The Trump administration must prosecute Hillary, Obama and their cabal for the crimes they've committed  while in office in order to destroy this false narrative by the left.....no matter how much the press attacks them for it.  They must be officially investigated - but first they must drain the swamp at the FBI, CIA, NSA, IRS and any other intelligence gathering, law enforcement or investigative body. 

If Brazil can prosecute their ruling elite for crimes they've committed while in office, we certainly must be able to do it.  Or is America the real banana republic?

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