Tuesday, April 25, 2017

America’s Campus: The Necessity of Violence

Mark Bauerlein April 24, 2017

If you think that the mobbing of Charles Murray at Middlebury College in early March was the final stage of campus bullying, especially after denunciations came from conservatives and liberals alike, you missed the events at Claremont-McKenna College two weeks ago.

People who came to hear Heather Mac Donald, who argues that the excessive scrutiny of policemen has led them to back off from their work and thus has increased crime levels, couldn’t enter the building. Protesters screamed at and pushed them, also threatening bystanders and journalists if they got too close. Heckling the speaker wasn’t enough. We saw full-on intimidation of anyone interested in the event.

Meanwhile, in the northern part of the state, a decision was made that tells us indirectly how we must respond to these actions. The student government at University of California-Davis voted to make the American flag display optional at future meetings. Some of the members don’t like the flag. As one of them put it, “The flag to a lot of people represents capitalism, colonialism and the genocide of indigenous people, and this is why we don’t want the flag in meetings.”

From now on, members who do honor the flag must petition the body 24 hours in advance in order to request the flag’s presence in the proceedings..,.....To Read More....

My Take - Eliminate government funding in all forms and this problem will go away.  Higher education is over rated.  Education has now become a religious tenet of the left, and anything that speaks against it is heresy, which must be attacked with vigor.  Education at the lower levels is a farce, since it's now more about indoctrinating children with leftist dogma than it is about reading, writing and arithmetic.  It's time we got the federal government out of education and in most cases - state control of education needs to be diminished. 

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