Monday, May 1, 2017

Experiments with the Medicinal Properties of Essential Oils

James A. Marusek

A couple years ago, my wife suggested that I experiment with essential oil.  So I complied with her wishes.  Generally when I do something I go all-in and this was no exception.  I bought various books on the subject, ordered a multitude of essential oils and tools.  I devised experiments and carried them out, attempting to be as analytical as I was able.

The purpose of this paper is to document the basic tools, the approaches, and the methodology encompassing my personal experience in experimenting with the medicinal properties of essential oils.

Essential oils are highly concentrated natural aromatic compounds and volatile liquids extracted from the seeds, roots, bark, stems, leaves, flowers, resins, and other parts of plants.  These oils provide plants with protection from disease, insects, and make plants more appealing to pollinators.  The plants developed defenses or attributes over millions of years to aid in their survival.  But these oils, the essence of individual plant species, also provide healing properties for humans and other animals.

For millennia, mankind has relied on the medicinal properties of plants to treat disease, injuries and illnesses.  It has only been rather recently, during the past century, that chemistry has begun to play an ever-increasing roll in medicine..... To Read More....

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