Saturday, April 1, 2017

Feel The Bern: Venezuelan Supreme Court Dissolves National Assembly

By Rich Kozlovich

According to Geopolitical Futures Watch List, "Venezuela’s Supreme Court assumed legislative powers and functions that normally are in the National Assembly’s jurisdiction. The court ruled that the Assembly is invalid and antagonistically defied all of the court’s rulings." 

The court "dissolved the National Assembly "usurping" the power of the Assembly and "eliminated immunity for Assembly Members".  Now it seems clear to me they would've never done this if they weren't assured there was a huge amount of support from powerful opposition forces within Venezuela's military and police in the country.  However it appears the opposition party is refusing to obey the order.  Not much of an opposition party is it?  But I wonder - does anyone really believe these judges would be any better than the communists already there? 

It would appear Geopolitical Futures and I agree on this though.  This is the end for Maduro and his cabal of socialist thugs, thieves and criminals.  It's my view they will be out of office by the end of this year.  We also agree this change will not be a pleasant one.  There will be violence, and this action by the court will be one of the reasons because it eliminates elections.

They seem to think this might be avoided depending on "mid-term responses from political opposition groups, the military, regional bodies and foreign powers."  I don't!  This nation is on the verge of starvation and the entire nation is just short of becoming an angry uncontrollable mob. 

This government is toast, but what will replace it?  Who will replace it?  It had better be someone who understands they cannot exist economically until they make amends with the United States.  The geography of Venezuela makes that an absolute imperative for their survival. 

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