Friday, April 21, 2017

Observations From the Back Row: The French Election

By Rich Kozlovich

France is having an election and some are having difficulty deciding who to endorse.  Dan Mitchell wrote an excellent article about this yesterday which I posted today, saying he was going to wait for the run off to make an endorsement.  I think Dan is brilliant so I'm also thinking this was a bit tongue in cheek on his part and asked in the comments section - why bother?  Does it really matter which socialist they choose - and they're all socialists of one ilk or another.  When they claim one of the politicians is "far right", and I keep asking - she's far right of who - Joe Stalin?  That's like Democrats and their media hacks who keep claiming they're main stream, and I keep asking if that main stream runs through Moscow. 

Whomever is chosen will merely be a care taking undertaker for the death of France as we know it. 

France, along with the rest of western Europe, is being run by internationalist multiculturalists socialists. Immigration has brought - and will continue to bring - Europe to civil war run by nationalist socialists.  The people of France now have mental and emotional faculties so contaminated with socialist blather they're a bunch of spoiled brats demanding to continue down the same insanely stupid economic path that's leading to their destruction - but somehow they think this will be without the immigration problems - and they don't all agree immigration is a problem.

Did I mention delusional also?

Europe has become a conglomeration of societies without vision, solid moral foundation, or a traditional work ethic bound together by an incompetent corrupt federation called the EU, which will be gone by 2020 or for sure before 2025.  Europe is doomed and none of these "leaders" are ever going to change that, and by 2030 some of these countries may not be countries any longer. 

The civil war coming to Europe will bankrupt them beyond repair forever, in desperate  need of support from the United States.  Notice how we don't see the smug self-righteous smirk from these people lately?  That's because they know they're in deep you know what and see no way out - no matter what they're saying publicly. 

Europe can't feed itself, can't fuel itself, can't defend itself, and even though they have the technology, they can't afford to properly arm themselves.  But there will be no modern day Bretton Woods for Europe because we don't have the money any longer and we don't need Europe.  With the possible exception of Eastern Europe - they're doomed - and there's no fix in sight because you can't fix stupid.  As for the U.S. - we need to turn mother's picture to the wall and move on down the road, without them.  They weren't such good companions anyway, and if America had stayed out of WWI we would have all been better off. 

One more thing.  This what Feeling the Bern really means.   

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