Saturday, April 15, 2017

Media Calls Kellyanne Conway “the Darkness,” Bob Schieffer argues Media should have been Harder on Trump

By Onan Coca April 13, 2017

On Wednesday journalists and other members of the mainstream media establishment gathered together at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. Ostensibly, they were supposed to be discussing free speech in the modern age but instead much of the event seemingly devolved into a day of Trump bashing.

For example, one of President Trump’s closest aides, Kellyanne Conway sat down with the Hollywood Reporter’s Michael Wolff where she was almost immediately accosted with a no-win question. Wolff in an effort to learn about what it “feels” like to work in the Trump White House, accidentally (or maybe not) asked a question which implied that Conway and her team were “the darkness” that America faced today............

Another example of the bias implicit in the days events came from Bob Schieffer, supposedly a moderate and unbiased newsman of the “old school.” Sadly, this illusion was immediately stripped away when Schieffer argued that the media gave Trump and his team “too much credit” and “credibility” throughout the campaign. This would seem to imply that Schieffer thinks President Trump and the people he has working for him are “not credible” which would say a lot about how he feels about this administration. Did Schieffer ever say that the media gave “too  much credit” to the immoral cabal that was the Obama administration?.........To Read More.....

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