Saturday, April 15, 2017

Feds say Hate Crime was Faked by Black Man Upset Over Business Deal

By Onan Coca April 14, 2017

Someone had been sending threatening letters to local leaders of the black community in Knoxville, Tennessee over the last few weeks and it was beginning to unnerve the community. One letter that was sent to a prominent Pastor said, “I am a very racist white man and with Mr. Trump in the White House being the President, white people going to take over the world.” Another letter was even more direct, “I wrote this letter (racial slur) … I hate (expletive, racial slur). I’m coming to your house to rape you. I’m going to get a chainsaw and cut your legs off and then cut your head off, black nasty (slur).” ...........

The Muslim woman robbed of her hijab in Louisiana? Never happened.
The black woman racially-harassed at a Philadelphia gas station? Never happened.
The Asian student racially-taunted in Minnesota? Never happened.
The bisexual student receiving hate-notes in Chicago? Never happened.
The black church burned to the grown and defaced with “Vote Trump!” Committed by a black man.
Asian store firebombed by a white Trump supporter? Committed by a black man.
Michigan student told to remove her hijab or be lit on fire? Never happened.
Racist note left for Hispanic students in North Carolina? Written by a Trump-hating Hispanic.

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