Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Will anyone miss George?

June 27, 2016 at 6:50 am 7

Commentator George Will’s distaste for Donald Trump reportedly has him waving goodbye to the Republican party and sending a shocking message to GOP voters: Hillary Clinton is the better option......But former Alabama GOP Chairman Marty Connors said while Will’s intellectual aversion to the populist presidential nominee may make waves in the nation’s capital, it’s unlikely to sway many voters.

“Washington, D.C., and those who live upon it are part of the bubble,” Connors said. “They are not necessarily in touch with the rest of the country.”  Connors called Will’s proposal to write off the 2016 race and focus on 2020 “shortsighted” given the likelihood of numerous Supreme Court vacancies coming up in the next four years.   “I’m sure he’ll be applauded by those who are in the bubble,” Connors said. “But those of us in America will think differently.”....To Read More...

My TakeSo, will anyone really miss George?  No!  I don't like Trump either, and for many reasons, since I think you can tell who and what a person is by the way they treat their wife...in this case...wives.  However - the only other option is an amazingly corrupt, incompetent and I think insane woman who is as vicious as she is corrupt and incompetent. 

What can George be thinking?  Then again - who cares?  Say goodnight George!

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