Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Documents uncover secret coordination among ‘independent’ anti-biotechnology scientists, activists


The organic food movement has been surprisingly quiet about the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests several of us have submitted on university scientists working with them (which can be found here and here). I give them some credit for that, any movement that submits their own such requests in the name of transparency should be willing to take what they dish out.

So it actually took me by surprise to see one organization call these requests malicious. GMWatch, run by Jonathan Matthews and Claire Robinson, was quick to applaud the requests submitted by US Right To Know. When the tables were turned they lashed out like a rabid dog backed into a corner......

Why would they act this way? What were they afraid of? Jonathan Matthews and Claire Robinson, along with their organization, are British. Neither of them are university scientists. A FOIA request here in the United States should not impact them in any way.....This illusion of independence shattered by these emails also extends to the Consumer’s Union. Claiming to be “Unconstrained by advertising or other commercial influences“, they claim to be an independent nonprofit and unbiased. Yet their Senior Scientist, Michael Hansen, is also found collaborating with Mesnage and even endorsing the addition of more people to the list........To Read More....

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