Monday, June 27, 2016

George Will on GOP: 'This is not my party'

By Rick Moran

George Will, longtime conservative columnist for the Washington Post, says he has left the Republican party because of Donald Trump and that he told the GOP to "make sure he loses."

PJ Media:   Conservative columnist George Will told PJM he has officially left the Republican Party and urged conservatives not to support presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump even if it leads to a Democratic victory in the 2016 presidential election.....

Will believes there are worse things than a Clinton presidency - specifically, a Trump presidency. He downplays the notion that a Republican president would necessarily name a conservative to the Supreme Court, pointing out that several liberal justices over the years were appointed by Republicans.

Will also believes that Trump is going to get slaughtered in the general election, which would lead to a Democratic takeover of the Senate.......Read more

My Take - I keep hearing prominent Republicans telling the world how Trump doesn't have enough money to win, doesn't have enough organization to win and telling the big money poeple not to support him.  Yet he's about even with Hillary in the polls and in polls where the bias is removed - he's winning handily against Hillary - who has massive amounts of money and a huge organization. 

Did it ever occur to any one of these people none of that matters once everyone has made up their minds?  We're seeing upsets all over the world experts and pundits never predicted or even saw coming.  Brexit was the biggest and none of the 'experts' believed the Brits would vote to leave.  This is not a normal political year. 

People - normal people - you know the ones I'm talking about - the ones who get up and go to work everyday trying to make a decent life for themselves and their families are watching the governing elites destroy America.  They get it - they get it now - they don't care how much money is being spent by any candidate or how big their organization may be.  They've had it and aren't going to take it any longer. 

As for Senate leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker Paul Ryan - this may be their swan song in the leadership - and perhaps that's what really bothers them.  As for George Will - who cares - I've become less and less impressed with his views over time.  Apparently he,  just like John Kasich, has the right to define conservatism as he sees fit.  I have the right to think they both suffer from a serious case of weird compounded by a massive infection of hubris. 

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